A Delegation to the SSI LTC

for presentation at its December 18, 2014 meeting

By Dr. A.N.T. Veazeliotis, Civil Engineer



The Salt Spring Local Trust Committee

Dear Chair,

Re: Making things right

On April 12, 2014 I responded to Trustee Grove’s request of April 10 with an email which I will copy here and which is self-explanatory. We ended up drinking coffee at the Harbour House Hotel on May 5, but the hour resulted in nothing of what was expected – by either of us.

Arguably, this is due to not proceeding by the “rules to play by” that I had proposed in that email. This rules are intented to eliminate pretenses and nonsense from the discussion.

Since the objective of that meeting has not and will not recede until addressed meaningfully; and it is in the best interest of all involved, including Trust (the Institution) that the issues be addressed expeditiously; and since a discourse conducted by the rules I suggested would be productive, I hereby ask the LTC to come to terms with realpolitics and proceed fairly to resolve the issues.

Although this delegation is driven by the “past and present”, the response to it is certain to be substantially significant to the “future”. This is the reason that I bring this up at this juncture, marked by the election that could bring about the dawning of a new era. I reiterate my strong preference to skipping issues of culpability and approach the issues of “making things right” for the future starting with a clear slate, kind of considering the issues on a Zero Base.

There is no better time than now to make things right. Please include this, my whole document, in the Agenda Package as a Delegation to the SSI LTC at its next meeting, on Juanuary 2015. If there is any concern about any part or the whole of this delegation paper please bring it to me in time for my consideration.

Following is the May 12, 2014 letter, slightly updated:

“Dear Peter

Re: Making Things Right

During the lunch break of the April 10 LTC meeting, you posed the “what Tom wants?” query. I presume it was prompted by my Delegation for delivery at that meeting. Your move pleased me and I am now beginning the process as you suggested, by listing the issues that need be addressed. Let me remark that these issues are imperative, not only because they are dear to my heart or essential to my dignity but also because they are of paramount importance to society and because their resolution is the precinct of the Trust and accordingly incumbent on you, our Trustees.

But before we go further I must propose the essential “rules for the game”: I suggest we discuss the issues in writing, the email venue being patently the best for the task. There will be a deadline for resolving the issues or, heaven forbid, “decide to disagree”.

If you wish the exchange to remain private, I will consent to that on condition that: if the negotiations succeed, we “erase” all the documents we exchanged during the negotiations, as you will; if the negotiations fail, either party may publish the documents exchanged in the course of the negotiations.

This rule will protect both of us against any tendency either of us may experience to take unreasonable positions. This, in turn, will be immensely conducive to resolving the issues, for obvious reasons. It is based on the same principles that make us build galleries in Parliament Chambers and keep the doors of the Courtrooms open.

If you have any “rule(s)” to add or alterations to suggest, I will gladly consider them.

Now I will list the issues which I deem imperative that be resolved. The listing is in no particular order for they all are immeasurably important – the numbering being for reference only:

1. Booth Canal

2. RAR

3. Reconsider my past Delegations, save for any that may “reasoned out” on any legitimate basis.

4. Bylaw No 473, the Censorship Bylaw and its extension “A matter of the SSI LTC in the Rise and Report Session at the Regular Meeting of July 24, 2014" (to be cited I was told by Staff,)


5. The defamation done me by the Trust.

These are serious matters. If we agree on the list, we can move on to seek the easiest “resolutions”, to make things right, with the minimum possible discomfort to all involved. There are many ways to skin a cat, and the eternal optimist that I am, I feel certain that we pursue the matters in good faith, will result in success.

If you want any item(s) on the list, altered or even omitted, I will entertain your reasons. Similarly, if you wish me to give reasons, or expand on the purpose of any one of the items on the list, all you have to do is ask for it and I will comply.

Upon “approval of the List”, we can move forward to identify, analyze them and evaluate potential remedies. Let’s go!”

I trust you will lead the LTC to explore this venue to resolution of what must, and will, be resolved for we all have a stake in common decency and in maintaining our society free.

Best regards,

Tom Varzeliotis April 12, 2014 - Revised December 4, 2014.

Copy to: Trustees P. Grove and G. Grams