Tom's Town Hall Placard

For the October 16, 2014 SSI LTC Meeting


Dr. A.N.T Varzeliotis, P.Eng (Ret’d)


Some Pending Actions on the Matter of Booth Canal

1. At the December 12, 2013, LTC meeting, in response to my request, Chair Malcolmson undertook to honour her/Trust’s longstanding offer to issue a “Letter of Advocacy” for Booth Canal. She asked for and received consent from Trustees Grove and Grams.

Now, October 16, 2014, she/the LTC has not as yet done it.

2. The minutes of the January 9, 2014 LTC meeting lists the following item:

“5.1 Booth Canal Advocacy

RPM Harley provided verbal update. The Trustees, through Trustee Grams, to enquire of the Friends of Booth Canal (FOBC) which government office they want to carry out the rehabilitation program”.

Up to now, October 16, 2014, with the interval being sufficient to gestate a human baby, Trustee Grams, has not reported back on his mission.

3. On May 13, 2014, Trustee Grove informed me that he had himself addressed a Letter of Advocacy for Booth Canal to Ministers of the Governments of Canada and British Columbia.

Now, October 16, 2014, four months have gone by and Trustee Grove has not as yet come in to report on the outcome of it to the LTC and society.

4. Would the aforementioned please inform the LTC (the institution) and by extension the society at large on what is happening?

Tom Varzeliotis, from Booth Canal with love.

Islands Trust Colonial

Sheila Malcolmson is going

for good this time.

She has been coming since 2009,

To our shores

Forever uninvited,

Bringing us hard the I. Trust,

She, the I Trust’s Colonial Overseer.

We will clean up after her

But that is for after her final depart,

For now we must send her off civily.

Wish I could give her thanks

But they are too sparse to matter.

Yet, I am sad a tad to see her go

It is perhaps the Stockholm Syndrome,

I cannot explain it, but it hardly matters

For I have wishes to give her

Hearty wishes for fair winds

In her voyage hence.

Tom Varzeliotis of Booth Canal